PygmyHog sow [Goutam Narayan]

Pygmy hog project awarded prize by Jersey students

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust has teamed up with students in Jersey to run a contest entitled “I’m a conservationist, send the money here!”.  The aim of the competition is to directly engage students in a dialogue with Durrell’s field teams working around the world about science and how Durrell’s staff are applying science to help save species from extinction. The direct access to the people actually doing the work brings the whole topic alive for the students who interact with the field staff asking questions to help them research a number of projects run by the trust. The students then vote for their favourite project at the end of the competition which is awarded a £500 prize.

This year Parag Deka, who has been working with the pygmy hogs in Assam for the past 18 years, was asked to participate and his passion and dedication for the project was so compelling that the students voted the pygmy hog their favourite project for 2015.

Parag Deka with PHog infant [GN 1999]
Parag Deka with pygmy hog infant [GN 1999]

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